Anhui Huaxiang Foodstuffs Co., Ltd.


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                Today is 2021-8-21, Welcome to the web Anhui Huaxiang Foodstuffs Co., Ltd. Website:九游会手机登入-九游会手机登入

                Anhui Huaxiang Foodstuffs Co., Ltd.

                Shouxian Industrial Zone,Anhuui,China

                Anhui Huaxiang Foodstuffs Co., Ltd.   Anhui Huaxiang Foodstuffs Co., Ltd. is located in Shouxian county of Anhui China. It is the leading agricultural products processing,export and import. The main products are frozen fresh water aquatic products and frozen vegetables. Such as whole crawfish, crawfish tail meat ,crawfish tails,catfish fillet, silverfish, mud snail meat, clam meat, shrimp, frozen steamed sweet potatoes, fried sweet potatoes, soybean, pumpkin, carrot, pea pods and etc. The company has perfect QA system and advanced process equipments. We have registered in European Union (EU Approved factory number is 3400/02002), BRC global standard for food safety (BRC certificate number is CN14/21070,Site code is1292043), FDA authentication and HACCP system. Our products are well selling in EU, USA, Japan, Korea, Canada, Australia and etc. we are keeping high reputation in overseas and national market,and we always welcome all overseas and national partners cooperate with us to create a new future together.



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